Product features:

  • The camera modul takes sharp and clear images of the human alimentary tract
  • Great viewing angle of 160° gives a detailed view of the small bowel
  • The long battery working life ensures the camera to go through the whole tract
  • Pictures and other information can be displayed in real-time
  • The EndoRec will be easily stored in the vest during the process
  • Dierent patient data can be loaded and compared at the same time
  • Auto-deletetion of similar redudant images
  • Images can be adjusted easily to highlight special parts

The whole system consists of three parts:

I. EndoCAP    (the capsule)

II. EndoREC    (a data receiver and vest)

III.EndoCAP Station  (the optimized soware)

EndoCAP and EndoREC
EndoCAP Station